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statement studded neckpiece

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Product Care

  1. Avoid exposure to moisture: Imitation jewelry can tarnish or rust when exposed to water or excessive moisture. It’s essential to keep your imitation jewelry dry and avoid wearing it while  showering, or participating in water-related activities
  2. Keep away from chemicals: Harsh chemicals, including perfume, hairspray, lotions, and cleaning products, can damage the finish and color of imitation jewelry. Make sure to apply these products before putting on your jewelry 
  3. Store properly: To prevent scratches, tangles, or damage, store your imitation jewelry in a separate compartment or individual pouches. Avoid tossing your jewelry together in a jumble, as it can cause scratches or entanglement.
  4. Avoid excessive heat or sunlight: Direct sunlight or exposure to high temperatures can cause the color of imitation jewelry to fade or change. It’s best to store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.
  5. Remove before physical activities: Before engaging in physical activities, such as exercising, playing sports, or doing household chores, it’s advisable to remove your imitation jewelry. 
  6. Avoid wearing jewelry while sleeping: Remove your imitation jewelry before going to bed to prevent any potential damage that may occur during sleep, such as snagging or bending. 
  7. Avoid contact with rough surfaces: Be mindful of rough surfaces, such as abrasive fabrics or textured materials, as they can scratch or damage your imitation jewelry. 
  8. Keep away from direct contact with body lotions and oils: Perfumes, Body lotions, oils, and moisturizers can leave a residue on your imitation jewelry, dulling its appearance over time. Allow these products to absorb fully before wearing your jewelry.

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